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T-Mobile Polska is one of the largest mobile operators in Poland, serving nearly 15.8 million customers. We provide a full range of telecommunications services to both private and business customers. Thanks to the integration with GTS Poland started in 2014, we can now offer a full range of ICT services as part of our portfolio, in addition to mobile and fixed-line services. T-Mobile Polska has now grown from a mobile operator into an integrated operator. T-Mobile customers also have the option to take advantage of a full range of financial services as part of T-Mobile banking services – the most advanced and innovative example of synergy between a bank and a telecom company.

Thanks to the most modern, completely upgraded network infrastructure, T-Mobile Polska covers nearly 100% of Poland’s population with its 3G network and more than 77% of the population with the 4G LTE network. Its high quality has been confirmed by an independent network quality study.

The company has approximately 4,400 employees and utilises the best international practices for personnel management. That is why, in 2014, T-Mobile Polska was awarded the Top Employers distinction for the fifth time in a row.

The co-founder and currently the sole owner of T-mobile is the Deutsche Telekom Group, a global telecommunications concern, which includes, among others: T-Mobile and T-Systems. Internationally, the group has nearly 230 thousand employees and is present in 50 countries around the world, serving nearly 200 million customers. Deutsche Telekom is one of the global leaders in the market of integrated telecommunications services. It has over 151 million mobile, over 30 million terrestrial and more than 17 million broadband fixed-line Internet users (more).

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