The Era network has made MMS messaging available to users of the Era Tak tak system. Users can now send multimedia greetings from their journeys around Poland and abroad. The service had been tested since February 2003, when Era as the only operator in Poland and one of the first around the world launched fast GPRS data transmission for users of the pre-paid system. Era is now launching MMS message commercially, allowing Era Tak Tak users to familiarize themselves with the service free of charge. Until June 12, as part of a promotion, sending MMS messages in the Era Tak Tak system is free of charge. Era Tak Tak users will be able to send their messages using the new Era Tak Tak kit containing the Sagem My5m telephone available for as little as 539 zł MMS messaging is available to Era Tak Tak users also outside Poland. Thanks to state of the art solutions, Era's customers can now enjoy MMS roaming in over 30 countries throughout the world. Sending MMS messages from abroad is free of charge until June 12, 2003 Era Tak Tak users can activate MMS services only by sending an SMS to the number 9797, containing the command MMS#TAK. To deactivate: MMS#NIE; to check the status: MMS#STATUS