The key to our success is a corporate culture across the Group characterized by honesty, ethical actions, and personal responsibility. Ethical requirements that apply to the business activities and our jobs are becoming more and more complex.

For T‑Mobile Polska, success in business depends on the integrity of our actions and respect for the law, and it also means a clear commitment to ethical principles, such as respect and fairness, which are the foundation of the Code of Conduct.

All business activities at T‑Mobile Polska are based on the above principles, to which each employee is required to adhere. Everyone benefits from it: the customers, the employees, the suppliers, and the shareholders.

The primary objective of the Compliance Management System is to prevent and detect potentially inappropriate behaviour of T‑Mobile Polska employees. The T‑Mobile Polska Management Board, together with management personnel, supports the Compliance Management System.

We assist the T‑Mobile Polska Management Board in establishing the organizational structures necessary for acting in accordance with the law and the rules adopted at the company. At the same time, we are constantly striving to continuously increase awareness among all employees of the need to act fairly and consistently with the rules. In the cases of suspected infringement on our part – such as corruption or a violation of our fundamental rules of conduct – T‑Mobile Polska has provided a special website for reporting incidents. Any person (inside or outside the company) can use this tool to notify us about a potential infringement. Each notification is carefully verified in a way that ensures confidentiality, and appropriate action is then taken.

In cases where suspected misconduct, such as corruption or violation of basic rules of conduct, is suspected, T‑Mobile Polska provides a special portal for reporting incidents. Anyone (inside or outside the company) can use this tool to communicate potential violations. We check every report carefully and in a manner that ensures confidentiality, and then appropriate action is taken. Link to the portal.

Compliance requirements do not only apply to T‑Mobile Polska. We expect our business partners to adhere to the same principles we demand from each other. Therefore, the Compliance Management Department offers all business partners the opportunity to conduct training, as part of which we will present the rules of conduct applicable at T‑Mobile Polska, in particular the rules for preventing corruption.

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