According to the standards

The management system of T‑Mobile Polska is supported by the provisions of the ISO 9001 standard, ISO 27001 (whole company), and ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 (Sale, service, business and attendance in the field of telecommunication).

Currently T‑Mobile Polska, the operator of the T‑Mobile network, holds the following compliance certificates: Quality Management System ISO 9001, Environmental Management System ISO 14001, Certificate of Information Security Management System ISO 27001 and Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001.

Quality Management System – information on ISO 9001 at T‑Mobile Polska

T‑Mobile Polska, which started operations in September 1996, initiated the implementation of the quality management system compliant with the ISO 9000 series in 1998. The first area covered was Customer service, for which T‑Mobile Polska received ISO 9001 certification in December 1998. Since December 2002 the ISO 9001 certificate covers all processes in the company.

Since 2nd of March 2018 T‑Mobile Polska proudly holds the ISO 9001:2015(PDF, 677 KB) certificate.

The scope of the certificate granted in March 2016 includes:

“Provision of telecommunication services. Operation and maintenance of Data Processing Centers. Control of planning, development and maintenance of mobile telephony network. Product management and development, marketing and sale through own network”

T‑Mobile Polska, operating in the telecommunications market, perceives Customer satisfaction as the key to achieving its business goals and puts special emphasis on quality of service.

Information Security Management System – information on ISO 27001 in T‑Mobile Polska

Information is among the most valuable assets of any company and requires appropriate protection measures covering all locations, processes and employees. To achieve this goal T‑Mobile Poland has implemented an Information Security Management System covering whole company. This system has been certified according to ISO 27001 international standard by an independent auditing company Det Norskie Veritas (DNV). ISO 27001 is a globally recognized standard for best practice in area of data and information security.

The certificate has been obtained by T‑Mobile Poland in 2014 and is valid for the following service range:

“Provision of telecommunication services. Control of planning, development and maintenance of mobile telephony network. Product management and development, marketing and sale through own network, all in accordance with the Statement of Applicability rev. 3 as of 2014-03-20.”

ISO 27001 (JPG, 68 KB)

Environment Management System – information on ISO 14001 at T‑Mobile Polska

T‑Mobile Polska has received an Environmental Management System certificate compliant with ISO 14001 within the “Supervision of construction and operation of base stations for mobile networks”. In the headquarters in Warsaw, we supervise the construction and operation of base stations of mobile network operated by a separate joint venture – Networks!

Our Certificate of Environmental Management System (PDF, 664 KB) serves as concrete evidence of our commitment to environmental protection. Obtaining the ISO 14001 certificate was a unique event for T‑Mobile Polska, as it became the first telecommunication operator in Central and Eastern Europe to receive such confirmation of controlling the impact of their activities on the environment. Possession of the ISO 14001 certificate means that the construction and operation of the T‑Mobile network is fully controlled at every stage of development and operation, and that the negative impact on the environment is minimized.

Thanks to constant improvement, T‑Mobile Polska meets the highest global standards in the construction and operation of mobile phone networks with the utmost carefor the environment. T‑Mobile Polska has made a commitment to minimize the environmental impact caused by the installation and operation of T‑Mobile and Heyah mobile phone networks. As the main environmental aspects, the following were selected: supervision of base stations and other network elements that are a source of electromagnetic emissions, and proper use and disposal of batteries. By the supervision of base stations and other T‑Mobile and Heyah network elements, we mean design, construction and operation which guarantees the preservation of specified electromagnetic levels from the point of view of environmental protection.

One of the results of receiving the certificate of ISO 14001 and the introduction of our environmental policy was being awarded the Polish Ecology Pantheon Award by the Minister of the Environment and the Director of the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification, which T‑Mobile Polska received in 2001 at the POLEKO International Fair in Poznań. T‑Mobile Polska strives to take environmental issues into account at every stage of decision-making and strategy planning so we can easily balance the economic and technological tasks with future environmental protection. Our modern and efficient environmental management system brings a number of benefits and provides an opportunity to adapt the Polish compliance assessment system to European requirements. It also serves as sort of a passport to a modern and united Europe.

In all of our activities, we follow the belief that in this era of the new century we need to protect nature through the conscious use of its resources, which for us means using the Environmental Management System compliant with ISO 14001, proving very effective now.

From March 3rd 2015 T‑Mobile Poland joined the ISO 14001 Umbrella certification system of Deutsche Telekom Group. This allows increased transparency in the area of environmental protection and sustainable development within the DT Group.

T‑Mobile Poland SA, the leading telecommunications operator in Poland, in order to maintain the highest standards of safety and health of employees, contractors and customers has established  an Occupational Health and  Safety policy committing to:

  • prevention of occupational accidents and potential accidents and the possibility of occupational diseases,
  • striving for continuous improvement of safety and health at work,
  • compliance with legal and other requirements in the field of health and safety,
  • continual improvement of the Occupational Health and  Safety Management System,
  • providing adequate resources and means to implement the policy,
  • Skills development and the integration of the role of employees and their engagement to aim  at health and safety at work.

The Guarantee of the policy is:

  • consistent enforcement of obeying safety rules and regulations,
  • meeting the ergonomic requirements for workplaces,
  • providing systematic trainings to raise awareness and knowledge in the field of health and safety,
  • using of best practices and experience  of other organizations.

This health and safety policy has been agreed and consulted with employees and their representatives,  is known and publicly available.


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