According to the standards

Customer satisfaction, information security, care for the environment and the highest standards of work safety and health protection are the most important goals and criteria in the daily activities of T‑Mobile Polska.

Meeting the requirements of recognized, international standards helps us achieving these goals. T‑Mobile Polska holds valid Quality Management System, Information Security Management System, Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System certificates which confirm compliance with the requirements of relevant ISO standards issued by renowned certification bodies.

Currently T‑Mobile Polska, the operator of the T‑Mobile network, holds the following compliance certificates: Quality Management System ISO 9001, Environmental Management System ISO 14001, Certificate of Information Security Management System ISO 27001 and Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001.

Quality Management and Information Security Management System certification covers all T‑Mobile Polska processes and locations, including own stores and Data Centers, which distinguishes T‑Mobile from other operators and guarantees reliable and comprehensive approach to quality and information security. The requirements of environmental and occupational health and safety standards are met in the area of "Sale, service, business and attendance in the field of telecommunication, Data Center and collocation services".

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

T-Mobile Polska SA, the leading telecommunications operator in Poland, in order to maintain the highest standards of safety and health of employees, contractors and customers has established the Occupational Health and Safety Policy committing to:

  • prevention of occupational accidents and potential accidents and the possibility of occupational diseases,
  • striving for continuous improvement of safety and health at work,
  • compliance with legal and other requirements in the field of health and safety,
  • continual improvement of the Occupational Health and  Safety Management System,
  • providing adequate resources and means to implement the policy,
  • employees’ skills development and allowing employees’ involvement in actions contributing to health and safety

The guarantee of the policy is:

  • consistent enforcement of obeying safety rules and regulations,
  • meeting the ergonomic requirements for workplaces,
  • providing systematic trainings to raise awareness and knowledge in the field of health and safety,
  • using best practices and experience  of other organizations.

This health and safety policy has been agreed and consulted with employees and their representatives,  is known and publicly available.

Holding the ISO 45001 certificate confirms the policy is implemented.

The TMPL anti-corruption system complies with the ISO 37001 standard

The cooperation between companies is determined not only by hard market rules, such as a good price offer or financial results. T‑Mobile suppliers and partners pay more and more attention to the perception of the company they work with as a socially responsible partner, acting honestly and in accordance with ethical principles of conduct. In addition, T‑Mobile is often asked to make relevant declarations regarding compliance with the principles of fair business ("Supplier Code of Conduct").

T-Mobile has the highest anti-corruption standards, which has been formally confirmed by the full implementation of the principles described in the international 37001: 2016 standard - Anti-Corruption Management System.

This means that TMPL was one of the first companies in Poland to implement a systemic approach to counteracting corruption in line with the restrictive international standard.

This is of great importance for business partners because meeting the above-mentioned ISO standards guarantees an honest approach to business on the part of T‑Mobile.

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