Our approach

The way we do business has been important since the beginning of T-Mobile Polska (T-Mobile Polska) operations. We knew that we could only build a strong company with the passion and commitment of our employees, the trust of our suppliers and business partners, customers provided with the highest quality services, and community acceptance.

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Involved in the workplace

The character of our company and its success depend on our employees. In this section we present our programmes aimed at employees and the initiatives that strive to create a friendly working environment. More information on the recruitment process and job openings can be found in the Careers section.

Socially involved

For years we have been involved in activities for the benefit of local communities, initiating our own social programmes. In this section we present our support for community organizations, the involvement of our employees in volunteer activities in the community, and sponsorship of important cultural events and sports activities.

Ecologically involved

Environmentally friendly measures are one of the priorities of our company. Not only have we upgraded our IT and network infrastructure, but also we have introduced ecological solutions in both our offices and our car fleet management. In this section we describe our internal initiatives, as well as those aimed at our customers: for example, mobile phone recycling and e-invoices.
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