Power in diversity and balance

T‑Mobile Polska believes that the strength and success of our company depend on our employees. T‑Mobile Polska employs approximately 5,200 people and is rated one of the best employers in the Polish market. There are many personnel policy projects and practices. One example is the “Employee Friendly Company” programme, which aims at providing employees with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the tools that support maintaining a balance between intense work and private life. As part of the programme, employees have the opportunity to participate in a number of educational workshops.

Striving to create equal opportunities for the professional development of our employees is an important initiative at T‑Mobile. The company has introduced the “Mom Dad” project. As part of it, we are introducing different types of solutions that help employees reconcile their professional and parental roles, and help the company hold onto our most valuable talents. The “Mom Dad” project organizes meetings for moms who are on parental (paid or unpaid) leave. In 2011, we introduced the possibility of leaving work earlier in the first three months after returning from maternity or paternity leave.

At T‑Mobile, we also take care of the health and well-being of our employees by offering them fitness club cards and regularly organizing Days of Healthy Lifestyle.

Multitude of development activities

The T‑Mobile training programmes promote the realization of the strategic objectives of the company, but simultaneously strive to meet individual needs of the employees. These development opportunities include workshops, coaching, mentoring, e-learning, language trainings, as well as university studies and special training programmes. Everyone participates in trainings tailored to the needs of their position. Our employees also get the opportunity to participate in international internships within the Deutsche Telekom Group.

Talent in large format

The XL Programme is the company’s answer to needs in the identification and management of talent. It includes a number of development activities targeted at the most talented employees in order to prepare future managers and expert staff of T‑Mobile. XL participants are involved in a variety of internal and external training courses, they work under the guidance of a mentor, and they take part in strategy games. Both the team and individual work are selected according to the needs and abilities of the participants.

Satisfied employees

T‑Mobile believes in an open door culture – every employee can come to the boss to talk. Regular surveys monitoring employee opinions are taken – both in terms of the entire company, as well as individual departments. These include comprehensive and thorough surveys.

Awards and honours

The company has won numerous competitions, such as Leader in HR Management, organized by the Institute of Labour and Social Studies. T‑Mobile Polska has also received a number of prestigious awards for its implemented HR policies, such as: Reliable Employer 2008 and Top Employer three years in a row: in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

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Over the years, we have undertaken many initiatives in which our employees could engage

Every year our employees are motivated by the Christmas Charity Auction, which consists of a grant competition and an auction. The initiative is started with the “Share your passion” competition, during which employee teams (thanks to grants from the company) put together their own educational workshops for children, youth, and the wards of non-governmental organizations. It requires a great team effort from the volunteers over several weeks. As a result of the workshop, the kids and the volunteers together create work that can be sold on auction: paintings, photos, Venetian masks, angels and ceramics. The amount collected from the auctions is then matched by T‑Mobile. Over the course of ten Christmas auctions, the company and the employees have given more than PLN 800,000 to help those in need. Our project received the 2010 Responsibility Laurel in a contest conducted by the Polish Confederation of Private Employers “Lewiatan”. Ninety-four projects were submitted for the competition, which were analysed by an independent auditing firm. Our auction received 21 out of 23 possible points. The competition honoured twenty companies. Since 2003 T‑Mobile, in collaboration with the United Way Foundation, has been conducting an employee contribution programme called “Together for others”. The programme runs in 43 countries around the world, in some for more than 50 years. It consists in voluntary regular financial support by the employees of a chosen social programme. The company then matches these donations. In addition, throughout the year we conduct a series of actions, some of which have included helping flood victims in 2010, involvement in the collection of funds for social purposes, and blood drives.

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