Corporate Responsibility in T-Mobile

The way we do business has been important since the beginning of T-Mobile Polska (T-Mobile Polska) operations. We knew that we could only build a strong company with the passion and commitment of our employees, the trust of our suppliers and business partners, customers provided with the highest quality services, and community acceptance.

Today T-Mobile Polska represents one of the strongest telecommunication brands: T-Mobile. We are developing our business and our brand based on modern management principles that make up the Corporate Responsibility (CR).

Membership in the Deutsche Telekom (DT) group, listed on the indices of responsible companies, obliges us to implement the highest standards. T-Mobile Polska has introduced a management system based on ISO standards in order to provide services of the highest quality. The rules included in our Code of Conduct define our standards of conduct, not only in the workplace, but also in our relationships with all stakeholders (business partners, customers, the community, public administration, etc.).

To implement this policy, we have introduced a whole system of compliance management. More information on this subject can be found in the Compliance management at T-Mobile Polska section.

We also refer in our activities to the directions of the Corporate Responsibility of the whole DT group, which receives regular reports from our activities.

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