Golden CSR Leaf

June 2022

CSR Leafs are annually awarded by the editors of the Polityka weekly, in cooperation with the consulting company Deloitte and the Responsible Business Forum. For the third year in a row, T-Mobile has won the highest award, "Golden CSR Leaf". They are awarded to organizations for which sustainable development is a key element of strategic activities, in which they use the best practices and international standards. The activities in the field of climate transformation, for which T-Mobile received an additional award - "Polityka's Green Leaf", awarded this year for the first time, were also appreciated by the jury of "CSR Leafs". T-Mobile was awarded here for one of the most advanced ecological strategies on the market and activities aimed at reducing the negative impact on the natural environment and climate.

Quality Service Star

June 2022

The Quality Service Star is an extremely valuable distinction, mainly because it is awarded by the consumers themselves. Every year, the Polish Service Quality Program conducts a social satisfaction survey, analyzing 5 factors that make up the brand relationship with customers - timeliness and time of service, type of assortment and its price, as well as the NPS index, i.e. the probability of brand recommendation by its customers to other consumers.

Trustworthy brand

June 2022

The " Trustworthy brand" research was carried out and conducted by the Kantar Polska S.A. Research Institute, commissioned by the publisher of the My Company Polska monthly. The aim of the study was to find out the opinions of the readers and subscribers of the magazine and Internet users about the best brands, services, products or companies that direct their activities to business. This year's survey was attended by over 1,200 entrepreneurs who decided to make T Mobile a Trustworthy Brand in the "Telecommunications Operator" category.

50 Top Employers in Poland. Wprost Ranking

May 2022

The ranking of the 50 best employers in Poland organized by "Wprost" focuses on the conditions of employment and the stability inside the company. In addition, in this edition, the authors of the ranking asked companies about the support of Ukrainians in the face of the war beyond the eastern border. From over 500 largest companies in the country, the ones that provide the most stable employment conditions have been selected. T‑Mobile took 7th place in the ranking and is the only technology company to be in the top ten of this year's ranking.

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