Top Brand ranking

October 201

First place in the category “Telecommunications” in the Top Brand ranking.

Benefactor of the Year 2015

May 2015

First place in the “Benefactor of the Year 2015” competition in the category “Social project – big company”, organised by the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland.

KRT statuette

May 2015

KRT statuette for an animation promoting the 14th International Film Festival “T-Mobile New Horizons”.

Quality Service Star 2015

March 2015

Quality Service Star 2015 given to the companies with the highest customer service standards

Crystal statuette

March 2015

Crystal statuette awarded by the media community in the category “Corporate Social Responsibility” for the “Help Measured in Kilometres” project.

Top Employer Certificate 2015

February 2015

T‑Mobile awarded with Top Employer Certificate 2015

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