Terms of use of the T‑Mobile Polska Public Land Mobile Network

In order to provide telecommunications access for the provision of termination services on the network, the Operator and T‑Mobile Polska are obliged to the rules related to the use of the network.
  • each operator is responsible for its own network and is required to operate its network and establish rules of cooperation with third parties in such a way as not to cause damage or interference to the networks of other operators;
  • each operator ensures the smooth operation of their network and is responsible for maintaining the correct performance of the devices on their side of the Physical Points of Interconnection and for the correct operation of their network connection points;
  • in the event of an accident/failure, provided that this does not affect the attainment of network connections of other operators, issues shall be resolved by the operator of the faulty equipment;
  • no operator will be allowed to connect, or agree to connect to their network, any networks of other operators or equipment that do not meet the requirements of the law.
  • each operator is obliged to terminate calls in the T‑Mobile Polska network only through the Points of Interconnection. The Operator shall not use an FCT device for this purpose.
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