T‑Mobile Polska is one of the largest mobile operators in Poland, serving 10,954 million customers. It provides a full range of telecommunications services for private and business customers. Thanks to its integration with GTS Poland in 2015 and T‑Systems Polska in 2017, T‑Mobile Polska became an integrated operator. In addition to mobile services, its portfolio includes landline services and a complete range of ICT products. T‑Mobile customers are also able to benefit from the full range of financial services offered by T‑Mobile Usługi Bankowe [T‑Mobile Banking Services], the most advanced and innovative example of synergy between banking and telecommunications.

T‑Mobile Polska S.A., previously Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa Sp. z o.o. (PTC), was founded in 1995 as a limited liability company. On 16 September 1996, Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa (PTC) started its commercial activity under the brand Era GSM, offering post-paid GSM mobile telephony services. In 1998, the company introduced its first pre-paid service (Tak Tak). In March 2004, its range of pre-paid services was expanded with the launch of a new brand called Heyah. In April 2005, the company was the first provider in Poland to offer Blue Connect data transmission services. On 5 June 2011, Era was rebranded to become the internationally renowned T‑Mobile brand. Today, the company employs around 4,500 people and applies the world’s best HR management practices. As a result, in 2017, T‑Mobile Polska was given the Top Employers award for the eighth year running.

The co-founder and current sole owner of T‑Mobile Polska S.A. is the global telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom Group (DT), which includes T‑Mobile and T-Systems. The group employs over 211,000 people worldwide and is active in 50 countries around the world, serving more than 200 million customers. Deutsche Telekom is one of the global leaders in the integrated telecommunications services market. Its customer base includes more than 184 million mobile phone users, nearly 27,5 million landline users and over 21 million fixed line broadband internet users (more statistical data).


T‑Mobile Polska provides 2G, 3G and LTE mobile services with a coverage of almost 100% of the population and area of Poland, as well as Voice over LTE and Voice over WiFi services. Fixed-line services are provided through the company’s own and leased fibre networks, and with over ten Data Centres, T‑Mobile offers also a complete range of ICT services.

The highest quality of voice and data transmission services provided to customers by T‑Mobile Polska has been confirmed by independent surveys conducted in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 by P3 Communications. Each year, the T‑Mobile network is awarded the maximum score. The highest average data transmission speed offered by the T‑Mobile network was also confirmed by consumer tests run in the Speedtest.pl application.

T‑Mobile is an avid supporter of innovation and young entrepreneurship. As part of the hub:raum project – Deutsche Telekom’s innovation centres in Kraków and Berlin – T‑Mobile offers comprehensive support to startups in four areas: financing, workspace (co‑working), mentoring and expert consultancy as well as access to Deutsche Telekom resources (such as customer database, technical services and infrastructure). This is the only platform to offer such extensive opportunities to young entrepreneurs from Central and Eastern Europe. The hub:raum projects include the development of products and services for communication between devices and equipment in IoT and NB IoT networks as well as in the future 5G network.

The way of doing business has been important since the very beginning of T‑Mobile Polska. The belief that a strong company can only be built through the passion and commitment of employees, trust of suppliers and business partners, quality of services provided to customers and a favourable social environment, helped T‑Mobile Polska to become one of today’s strongest telecommunications brands. Corporate social responsibility activities are regularly reported to DT. 

In 2013, T‑Mobile initiated one of its most popular social events in Poland: Pomoc Mierzona Kilometrami (T‑Mobile Help Measured in Kilometres), which aims to support children with reduced mobility. As a result of the campaign, 2017 was the fifth year in which PLN 1 million was transferred to the ‘You are not alone’ TVN Foundation for the purchase of rehabilitation equipment. Many sports and cultural celebrities, as well as hundreds of thousands of other participants get involved in the project.

T‑Mobile is particularly committed to projects that combine the worlds of technology and culture in the broader sense. These projects are aligned with the brand’s philosophy and focus on the ‘digital lifestyle’ concept. As part of its project, Electronic Beats creates a valuable platform that attracts audiences interested in music, culture and urban art.

T‑Mobile also actively engages in growing the Polish e‑sports market: the company supports T‑Mobile Liga Akademicka (the only academic league in Poland), ESL Polish Championships, and in 2018, T‑Mobile was one of the most visible partners at Intel Extreme Masters Katowice.

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