Electronic Beats

Electronic Beats is an international music programme which just last year celebrated its 10th anniversary. Having already achieved cult status amongst electronic music circles and alternative music lovers, in the last decade this programme has organized more than 200 events attended by more than 300,000 fans. Soloists and bands, DJs and live acts lit up dance floors first in Berlin, Cologne, Bonn, Vienna, Barcelona, Prague, Bratislava and Budapest, and, in 2011, they finally landed in Poland.

The first Electronic Beats festival took place in Warsaw, hosting such famous international artists as Groove Armada, Zola Jesus, Wiley and The Drums. The event was also an opportunity to promote artists selected in a poll organized by the T-Mobile Music portal – the winner of the “Turn it up! on Electronic Beats” competition, Wojtek Fedkowicz Noise Trio had the chance to play for the Warsaw audience.

The introduction of Electronic Beats was a huge success – both the first festival, and subsequent events organized in Poland under  this European brand name were so popular that tickets for the events sold out well in advance of the scheduled concerts. A few months  after Warsaw, festivalgoers in Gdańsk had the chance to experience the excitement. The Gdańsk festival hosted such celebrities as Jazzanova, Squarepusher, Digitalism, and James Blake..

Apart from the festival format, Electronic Beats also consists of smaller club events. One of them took place at the inauguration of OFF Festival – in August 2012 in Katowice, under the slogan  “OFF hosts Electronic Beats” and another – “Electronic Beats Presents” – in December  in Warsaw, each time attracting crowds of young people and fans of good music. They are the target group of the  exclusive paper “Electronic Beats” magazines and the “Slices” DVD releases distributed at our concerts and festivals, as well as at the  most fashionable venues in major Polish cities.

These kinds of events are a perfect opportunity to reach to an active and entertainment-oriented youth segment with the T-Mobile  brand. The event gives the audience a place for meeting, fun, information exchange, and shared passions. To spice up their musical  adventure, each programme of Electronic Beats is rich in a variety of genres and sound experiences, and the festival space includes  comfortable chill-out rooms where attendees can sit back, relax and enjoy a drink in good company; there are also stands with free gadgets (such  as magazines, T-shirts, posters, bags and vinyl), and alluring photo booths that allow participants to capture unforgettable moments.  These cheerful and colourful pictures not only hit the T-Mobile Music fan page on Facebook, where people can tag  themselves and share them with friends, but also land in their own hands – in the form of printed memorabilia.

All activities under the Electronic Beats logo are published on the T-Mobile Music portal, and previous editions of the festival were  also promoted in collaboration with the leading newspapers (“Gazeta Wyborcza”) and radio stations (“Trójka” and “Roxy FM”)..

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