Physical point of connecting the networks (transmission medium or device) of the Operator and T‑Mobile Polska. A Physical Point of Interconnection is also a demarcation line in terms of who holds responsibility for the maintenance of the transmission connections.

(PTH) – a continuous one-hour time interval during the day during which aggregated traffic is the greatest in volume.

T‑Mobile Polska network resources carrying out transmission of a specific rate between T‑Mobile Polska exchange and a Physical Point of Interconnection not owned by the Operator, yet used by them based on the implementation of a Point of Interconnection agreement.

Geographical area consisting of one or more numbering zones, according to Polish standards.

A telecommunication entrepreneur delivering public telecommunication networks.

A place where the traffic and signalling between the Operator and T‑Mobile Polska is exchanged.

Telecommunications traffic that cannot be carried through a given Point of Interconnection due to the limited capacity of that Point.

The duration of every single inter-network traffic connection taking into account each started second of a connection, measured in full seconds from the second the called party or device answers until the end of the connection.

The Operator’s public telecommunications network

T‑Mobile Polska fixed-line public telephone network using transmission systems and switching or rerouting devices to render publicly available telecommunications services, identified by being assigned Catalogue Numbers (formerly GTS Poland fixed-line public telecommunications network).

A point of signalling network connection where the T‑Mobile Polska signalling network and the signalling network of the Operators exchange signalling messages

The aggregate of individual Real Connection Times, expressed in minutes, for calls made within a given settlement period, separately for each Network Connection Point.

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