Fees for the services rendered by T-Mobile Polska

Decision of the President of the Office of Electronic Communications of 26 October 2011; ref.: DART-SMP-6040-5/11(22) (hereinafter: "Decision") introduces the obligation of T-Mobile Polska setting fees for the termination of calls within the T-Mobile Polska telephone network, in accordance with the schedule included therein, by 31 December 2012. Due to the above, from 1 January 2013, fees for the termination of calls within the public fixed-line telephone network of T-Mobile Polska were set on the level determined before issuing the SMP decision. These fees are set in Table 1.


Table 1. Fee for the service of the termination of call within the T-Mobile Polska S.A. fixed network during the period from 1 January 2013
In the service area of the Points of Interconnection* of T-Mobile Polska network 0,05
Outside the service area of the Points of Interconnection* of T-Mobile Polska network 0,06


T-Mobile Polska Point of Interconnection service areas – according to the areas described in Annex 1.


Table 2. Activation of inter-network bundles
ItemActivation of inter-network bundles[w PLN]
1. Creation of a bundle 99
2. Removal of a bundle 99
3. Creation or removal of an E1 link in a bundle 50
4. Creation of a signalling link >60
5. Removal of a signalling link 50
6. Starting of a Point of Interconnection, measurements and commissioning 7903


Use of inter-network bundles


Table 3. Activation of inter-network bundles
Item Use of inter-network bundles [monthly] PLN/month
1. Subscription fee for access to the T-Mobile Polska Network (E1 port) 679
2. Subscription fee for access to the 64kbps signalling timeslot to the T-Mobile Polska exchange 198


The fees specified above do not include VAT. Fees for the activities/processes related to the implementation of the Point of Interconnection in the Collocation Mode and the Transmission Link Lease Mode are defined individually.

An operator requesting the provision of telecommunications access must provide complete financial statements and legalization documents. Based on these documents, the financial credibility of the Operator is evaluated, and a decision is made about the need for a security deposit, the type of deposit and its amount.

To protect against claims arising from agreement concluded by T-Mobile Polska for telecommunications access, the Operator, before the commercial launch of a Point of Interconnection, must present the financial securities specified above. The amount of securities is calculated based on the forecasted traffic transmitted by the inter-network E1 connections, the payment cycles and the applicable rates.

If there is a need to use more links, the amount of financial securities may be increased. The amount and form of the security submitted by the Operator may change depending on the traffic volume and timeliness of the payment by the Operator, and its financial condition.

In case of payment delays by the Operator, T-Mobile Polska claims the right to block inter-network traffic. T-Mobile Polska will provide notice in writing of this at least two weeks in advance.

This information does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code provisions. The final rules detailing cooperation, billing, form and amount of the securities will be determined through negotiations taking into account the specifics of the selected telecommunications solutions and will be formalized by the signing of an agreement for network connection.
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