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Jakub Chajdak |  13.08.2020 |  company , financial reports , events

T-Mobile Polska 2Q 2020 results – consistent growth in challenging environment

In the second quarter of 2020 T-Mobile Polska recorded:

  • Total revenues of 1.6 BLN PLN – growth of 3.4% compared to 2Q 2019, reached even under difficult market trends and shop lockdown in April
  • EBITDA AL increase of 1.9% y-o-y, reaching 435 million PLN
  • Growth in service revenues by 6.3%, continuing trends from previous two quarters
  • Contract customer base growth by 186 thousand y-o-y
  • Improvement of all key operational and financial factors in private and business segments
  • 5G launch at the end of the quarter
  • Continuous implementation of projects aimed at providing clients with the best service quality
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JAKUB CHAJDAK 24.06.2020 |  company , events

Goran Markovic joins T-Mobile Polska as Chief Commercial Officer

Zdjęcie okładkowe_5G.jpg
Konrad Mróz 08.06.2020 |  company , innovations

Join 5G –T-Mobile launches a new generation commercial network

CHAJDAK JAKUB 14.05.2020 |  company , financial reports

Solid operating and financial results, consistent with the long-term development strategy of T-Mobile Polska despite the lockdown at the end of the quarter

JAKUB CHAJDAK 29.04.2020 |  company

Frederic Perron steps down as T‑Mobile Polska B2C Commercial Officer to pursue a new career opportunity

JAKUB CHAJDAK 18.03.2020 |  company

Change in the Management Board of T‑Mobile Polska

JAKUB CHAJDAK 19.02.2020

T‑Mobile Polska results in 2019 – solid base for growth: EBITDA increase, rising client base

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