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Konrad Mróz | 06.12.2017

There is only one best network. Definitely.

For the 4th time in row, T‑Mobile won network measurements and received the “Best in Test 2017” certificate. T‑Mobile outran the competitive networks in both categories – voice and data – but also in each area of the measurements: biggest cities, towns and roads. That resulted in achieving the best effect in history and the undoubted, vivid advantage over all measured networks.
Read more There is only one best network. Definitely.
Wojciech Strzałkowski28.11.2017

T‑Mobile provides services to 168 Government Authorities

Konrad Mróz23.11.2017

T‑Mobile launches one of the first stations supporting NarrowBand IoT

T-Mobile Polska invests and gains customers
Wojciech Strzałkowski08.11.2017

T‑Mobile Polska invests and gains customers

Wojciech Strzałkowski19.10.2017

Nearly 34,000 visitors turned up for T‑Mobile Warsaw Games Week

Firma bez limitow600x413.jpg
Wojciech Strzałkowski16.10.2017

No Limits Company. Now you can! T‑Mobile customers in the operator’s latest campaign.

Wojciech Strzałkowski13.10.2017

Make Friday the thirteenth a winning day for you! Come to T‑Mobile Warsaw Games Week and feel the atmosphere of a true day of celebration for gamers

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