Jakub Chajdak02.07.2019

Petri Pehkonen is the new Chief Technology and Innovation Officer. Changes in the management board of T‑Mobile Polska

Petri Pehkonen will take over the position of Chief Technology and Innovation Officer and become a Member of the Management Board of T‑Mobile Polska as of September 16th. He will replace Thomas Lips, who is transferring to the central structures of DT, where from August 15th he will be responsible for the "IoT Delivery" – planning and implementation of services related to the Internet of Things. Until then, the TI Division will be managed by Andreas Maierhofer, CEO of T‑Mobile Polska.


Mr. Pehkonen has extensive experience in managerial positions in the ICT and telecom industries, with which he has been associated for over 20 years. He spent the last 7 years at Elisa, having roles of CIO of Elisa corporation and Vice President of Hosting Services managing many strategic IT projects which involved the digital transformation. Over the years of cooperation, Mr. Pehkonen has accumulated great knowledge of networking solutions and popular trends in the ICT sector, as well as innovative telecommunications solutions such as 5G.

In the past, as the Director of the IO Business Unit at Capgemini, Mr. Pehkonen also managed a business unit for infrastructural services in the Nordic countries. During that time he successfully implemented solutions supporting companies undergoing digital reconstruction in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. He was responsible for supervising the projects related to IT consulting and outsourcing employees in the new technologies area. In the 90s, he was involved with Saraware Oy company and software development, as well as design and engineering services for telecommunications companies.

I am extremely pleased that a manager, so involved in digital transformation, is now joining T‑Mobile Polska. Leading the Technology and Innovation Division is an incredible responsibility, but also a great challenge. This position requires constant commitment while searching for solutions which will allow us to maintain our position as the leader in the quality of services and innovation on the Polish telecommunications market. I am certain that Petri, thanks to his considerable experience in managing numerous digital projects, will excel in these tasks, and our cooperation will be not only fruitful for both parties, but above all else, it will result in visible benefits for our clientssays Andreas Maierhofer, CEO of T‑Mobile Polska

 Petri Pehkonen is a graduate of the Helsinki University of Technology at the Faculty of Telecommunications Engineering.


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