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T‑Mobile Wi-Fi and multimedia for PKP passengers

This year the first PKP Intercity customers will have access to Wi-Fi, movies and games. The service, provided by T‑Mobile, will be available on the most popular domestic and national routes. The technology used as well as the size and range of the project set a new standard for the passenger transport industry.

The contract signed on 23 January by the national rail carrier and T‑Mobile will provide PKP Intercity customers with access to Wi-Fi, 40 movies, 15 TV series, 10 cartoons and games on the train. 10% of the multimedia content will change every month.

“The model of implementing the service sets the standards for global markets. Our chief focus was on the highest quality of the delivered product,” highlights Marcin Celejewski, a member of the management board of PKP Intercity for trade. “Thanks to that, our passengers will be the first to receive the package: high speed internet, video on demand, access to TV series, movies, cartoons and games via laptops, tablet or smartphones,” he adds.

Wi-Fi access will be provided within 90 days of launching the installation in the first 30 train cars of choice. In total, T‑Mobile will provide access to the services in 300 cars, which will be included in trains operating on the most popular domestic and international routes, including among others the following routes: Tricity - Warsaw - Krakow/ Katowice, Szczecin – Poznań - Warsaw, Poznań - Wrocław - Katowice - Bielsko-Biała and Warsaw– Vienna – Villach, Warsaw – Prague, Warsaw – Berlin and Warsaw – Cologne – Amsterdam.

There was never before in this part of Europe so large, modeled on the world’s best examples project. All train cars will be equipped with modems, internal and external antennas. All of the equipment and installation will be provided by the T‑Mobile partner, Nomad Digital company, which is the world leader in this type of projects, which carried on the installation, among others in European countries, USA, Canada and Australia.

“We are the only company which undertook to provide data transfer on rail routes throughout the whole country. We have the appropriate network and capacities to implement this project at the highest level of standard,” said Miroslav Rakowski, CEO of T‑Mobile Polska. “It is good news for all users, especially that, at least during the initial period, Wi-Fi will be free of charge for all, regardless of the network whose services they subscribe to.”

Five entities participated in the negotiated tender procedure. Eventually, T‑Mobile was the only one to bid. In its evaluation, the tender committee took into account the following: in 40% the parameters of the offered solution (parameters of the service, proposed content), in 25% the gross bid price (value of the advertising space made available to the Contractor), in 20% the amount of fees charged from the users, and in 15% the date of launching the service.

“We have decided on a partnership model of cooperation. Each party does what it specializes in. PKP Intercity is responsible for the transport of passengers, T‑Mobile for Wi-Fi and multimedia content on the train. This allows the two parties to reach the desired results and the passengers to achieve double gain,” say Marcin Celejewski. Launching of the service will be also beneficial for the ticket inspector teams of PKP Intercity since they will be granted access to wireless, secure internet via VPN.

PKP Intercity S.A. is a railway operator specializing in domestic and international long-distance transport. The Company was established in 2001. Over 300 trains operate daily under the carrier’s colours. The Company runs trains of the Express Inter City (EIC) and Twoje Linie Kolejowe (TLK) categories. Over 35 million passengers used its services in 2012. For more information visit www.intercity.pl.


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