#5G_LAB – T-Mobile shows the future thanks to 5G

With the launch of the first fully functional 5G network in Poland, T-Mobile is starting a project that is intended to demonstrate its capabilities. #5G_LAB which has been created in the centre of Warsaw, enables everyone interested in the future powered by 5G to learn how this technology will change our lives.

On 7 December 2018, at Plac Defilad in Warsaw, T-Mobile Polska opened its #5G_LAB, a centre where the mobile network operator presents a vision of the world of the future that we will come to experience thanks to the fifth generation networks. Here, everyone interested in the technology will be able to personally experience the real applications of the 5G technology, catch a glimpse of the completely new and broad possibilities this technology has to offer, and also see how it will help us build an even better future.

“By launching the first functional 5G network in Poland, we create future for the entire Polish society. 5G is not only the next generation mobile network, even faster than the previous ones, but a completely new quality. It’s a technology that offers the whole society and the economy entirely new opportunities. The fifth generation network stands for remote surgical operations with unbelievable precision and accurate diagnostics in healthcare. It stands for modern agriculture, minimised use of chemicals and maximised productivity, as well as the innovative 4.0 industry, this will help build a modern and competitive economy. said Andreas Maierhofer, CEO of T-Mobile Polska. “We know what the future of each of us will look like thanks to 5G, and we want to share this vision with all those who decide to visit out #5G_LAB”, he added.

Thanks to multimedia educational stations powered by the latest virtual and augmented reality solutions, everyone will be able to see how technology will make our lives better. The showcased solutions include a farm producing healthy and natural food thanks to the 5G technology, an automated factory and an operating room where the most difficult operations are performed by a robot controlled by a surgeon located across the continent. Visitors will have the opportunity to manage a smart city and by controlling its smart city systems in virtual reality they will have to deal with crisis situations. We will also see how 5G will support all of us, its individual users, in our everyday lives, anticipating our needs and helping us manage our home, or support us at work. Visitors will also experience the entertainment of the future. Watching a sporting event, we will be right there in the middle of the pitch between the players, following each game closely from the best possible angle. Tech geeks will appreciate the stations presenting the most interesting technological solutions used in fifth generation networks and running a simulation that allows to personally experience how fast and reliable the 5G network is.

“Thinking about 5G, what instantly comes to mind is the incredible bandwidth that these networks will offer. However, this is, in fact, just one of the many features of the fifth generation network that, along with capacity and reliability, allow 5G to offer solutions that we have not dared to dream of until recently and which will make our lives better and easier”, said Thomas Lips, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at T-Mobile Polska.

T-Mobile created the #5G_LAB to present to everyone interested, regardless of how familiar they are with technology or how interested they are in telecommunications, the possibilities offered by 5G. That is why all the information provided during the visit to the lab is communicated in an accessible way, in a play and learn manner, so that everyone can familiarise themselves with the solution, regardless of age or interest in technical novelties.

#5G_LAB is located at Plac Defilad, from the Marszałkowska Street side. It is open 7 days a week, between 7 and 31 December, 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Admission to the centre is free. #5G_LAB is worth visiting also when it is closed to see light shows on its façade after dark.






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