T-Mobile makes another step to get closer to its customers. Continues to strengthen its sales & service organization.

T-Mobile Polska systematically improves its operating results, and also records increases in parameters related to customer service and brand perception. In 2018, the operator intends to continue the strategy of concentrating on customers relations, and, as of 1 April this year, will improve its organization in order to get closer to customers. In the business part, it will use the resources and competences acquired through the acquisition of T-Systems, while in the private market it will develop areas of service and management of customer experience.
  • "An essential element of the functioning of every company in the service sector is the ability to react dynamically to current trends and the customers' expectations. That is why we are constantly adapting to the evolving market requirements in T-Mobile, as the customers' perspective and their satisfaction are the most important to us”

    said Andreas Maierhofer, CEO of T-Mobile Polska, commenting on the changes taking place in the company.


T- Systems Polska responsible for comprehensive service for the largest business customers

T-Mobile Polska offers a range of advanced and comprehensive solutions for business, it is also one of the largest suppliers of ICT solutions. Due to the high flexibility and the ability to design individual solutions, the company has won contracts i.e. COAR, MFA and other services last year. These competencies have been strengthened thanks to the acquisition of T-Systems in 2017. To achieve even bigger synergy of both companies the new Supervisory Board of T-Systems will be established and will include: Andreas Maierhofer (as chairman), Juraj Andras and Thomas Lips. With the appointment of the new supervisory board, Mariusz Chochołek will be nominated as of May, 1st, 2018 for the CEO of T-Systems. He will combine his new duties with the current responsibilities of the Director of the TA / LA Sales Department at T-Mobile Polska. Alexander Bartz (Chief Financial Officer) and Dariusz Nawara (Chief Delivery Officer) will remain on the board of the company. The management board will be completed by Paweł Czajkowski (Chief Sales Officer) as of May 1st. Paweł gained his experience in several companies, both outside of and in Poland, where he has been focusing on the sales abilities. In recent years, as the Vice President of Asseco Data System, he was responsible for integration services and infrastructure business.

These changes are aimed at achieving greater synergy with the operations of both companies not only in the context of the approach to serving the largest business customers, but also ensuring greater offer and process flexibility at the stage of gaining new  customers. As part of the organizational changes being implemented, teams responsible for Top Accounts at T-Mobile Polska will tighten cooperation with T-Systems to jointly prepare offers and serve selected clients.


The other departments of the B2B division will operate on the existing principles within the structures of T-Mobile Polska and will be headed by Piotr Markowski as B2B Division Director, reporting directly to CEO of the company. Piotr joined T-Mobile Polska in May 2016, taking the position of Marketing Director B2C. As the head of the department, he built a development strategy for postpaid product portfolio (first by introducing T tariffs) followed by an innovative flat subscription T-MOBILE - UNLIMITED, and successfully implemented development policy with external partners as a result of which T-Mobile became the first telecom to cooperate with Netflix. Markowski implemented the revolutionary home Internet FMS as well.

Piotr Bubak, previously head of post-pay marketing, will take over the responsibilities from Markowski as an acting B2C Marketing Director.


T-Mobile builds a competitive advantage with its service and customer experience

The strategy of strong orientation on the client's perspective has been implemented in T-Mobile many months ago. This results in an increase in the number of shops and employees of the Customer Service Office, shortening the waiting time for the connection with an agent and the implementation of many larger and smaller initiatives that significantly improve customer satisfaction. This is visible not only in the results of number portability, but also in indicators like ICCA or NPS - purely related to the opinion of customers about the company. Continuing the adopted strategy of operation, telekom develops units responsible for optimizing service and sales processes. As part of the Customer Experience Department, it will appoint teams dedicated to streamlining processes, simplifying documentation and unifying service standards. In addition, the operator will re-align the various regions in its Retail footprint to enable sales leader to spend more time in the shops and with the front-line.


T-Mobile will also strengthen the areas responsible for competitiveness in the offer layer. For this purpose, it will create a separate unit coordinating the pricing strategy across all B2C areas (post-pay, pre-pay, and fixed line products) and will also consolidate analytical teams creating one cross-functional competence center. Which will allow to manage product portfolio more dynamically and develop it based on upcoming trends.


The implemented changes are based mainly on internal transfers, and flexible management of existing competences in the organization. In individual cases, they have required the acquisition of external specialists.







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