Optical fiber from T-Mobile – next steps regarding the realization of the integrated mobile and fixed services offer.

Andreas Maierhofer, CEO of T-Mobile Polska has signed the agreement under which T-Mobile will provide services on Orange`s optical fiber lines.

Under the agreement, T-Mobile will gain access to the partners fiber optic infrastructure and will use it to provide services based on data transmissions in non-regulated areas. The contract will guarantee T-Mobile access to 1.7 million households, what, together with the partner's investment plans in the deregulated area by the end of 2020 and the fiber-optic network in regulated areas gives the potential to reach over 4 million households. T-Mobile aims to provide the first individual customers, as well as small and medium enterprises, with the full range of fixed services based on fiber optic infrastructure in first quarter of 2019 the latest.

  • "The contract signed today is one of several steps to become a fully converged operator and proofs our consistency of implementing the strategy once adopted. Currently market demand for convergent services is dynamically rising while penetration of such is relatively low”

    - says Andreas Maierhofer, CEO of T-Mobile Polska.

  • "Today, T-Mobile is gaining enormous opportunities to grow and additionally meets all those customers whose appreciate T-Mobile’s brand quality. A comprehensive telecommunications offer requires the presence of good fixed-line services. This is why we want to strengthen them in terms of all available opportunities."

    - Maierhofer sums up.

The signing of this contract also marks the beginning of the next stage in which the partners have to integrate their systems and test all technical elements as well as the quality and reliability of services, so, that T-Mobile Polska customers can use the services with the best possible parameters.

  • "The acquisitions of GTS Polska and T-Systems Polska have given us the knowledge and experience in the provision of fixed-line services for B2B clients, which we intend to use also for individual clients and small enterprises”

    , says Andreas Maierhofer.

  • "We want the first customers to benefit from the T-Mobile fiber optic offer at least in first quarter of 2019, but we need to make sure that we are able to provide the highest technical and individual quality services first."

The policy of focusing on the client's perspective and dynamic activities resulting from it bring many positive results to T Mobile Polska. The company systematically acquires customers, records better and better results in the number portability balance and developed the sales network. In addition to the growing operating results, it also records an improvement in customer satisfaction. According to the transformation strategy, T-Mobile is consistently realizing its aim to transform from a mobile service operator to a fully converged one. Until now, as part of the strategy pursued, T-Mobile Polska bought GTS Polska and also took over T-Systems Polska, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. Additionally, based on the resources and competences of those companies T-Mobile built a convergent offer dedicated to business customers. The next step will be a combination of stationary and mobile services to offer individual clients and small customers from the B2B market.

  • „All these done and coming actions will let us reach the proper scale of our presence on the market. That is necessary to respond to all needs of our customers, in the new era of communication.”

    Maierhofer sums up.





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