T-Mobile presents the most flexible offer for families.

Starting from August 30, 2018. T-Mobile will introduce a new offer addressed to families. The innovative mechanism will allow you to attach further cards to the contract within the whole its duration and thus obtain attractive discounts. Along with the launch of the offer, a nationwide advertising campaign will start.

Packages based on multi-sim have been present on the market for a long time, they enjoy growing popularity among customers not only because of the price benefits, but also the convenience due to the possibility of paying one invoice or making changes by contacting only one service office. Although combined offers bring obvious benefits, still the significant number of households use at least two telecommunications service providers.

  • "The necessity to sign several contracts at the same time is a significant barrier. There is also a lack of the possibility of flexible "linking" to already existing new contracts, at any time, when the need arises. In practice, different family members have contracts with different operators, they pay rates for individual contracts and attempts to consolidate these contracts often end in failure due to different contract term"

    says Frederic Perron, Member of the Management Board of T-Mobile Polska responsible for the B2C market

  • "Telco industry has historically been too “rigid” with families and not meeting their evolving needs --- therefore we decided to find a better solution for them"

    adds Perron.

You do not have to plan your marriage ahead of time - add new numbers and lower the price when you want

The mechanism of the offer is extremely simple: two cards in T-Mobile are a discount of 10 PLN gross for each of them (in total - PLN 20), 3 and subsequent cards is a discount of 15 PLN for each of them. New contracts can be attached (and disconnected) to the client account at any time, the appropriate discounts are calculated automatically. Up to 10 cards can be used under a single family contract (under a single PESEL number). For each contract you can receive a separate invoice, including fees and payment dates related to it.

  • "At T-Mobile for families, we have decided to focus on the greatest possible flexibility so that you can always take advantage of the maximum discounts,"

    explains Frederic Perron.

  • "This offer came straight from the desire to liquidate the barrier that customers signaled. We will continue to look very closely at what they say and develop our offer in line with their expectations"

    - declares Perron

New offers for families are based on T- Mobile – Bez Limitu, under which each user receives unlimited calls to mobile and landline, unlimited SMSs and MMSs and access to the Internet without data limit (10 GB at full speed, then at 1 Mbs). The base amount of the subscription in the offer without a telephone is PLN 50, in the offer with the device - PLN 70.

Additionally, for the most active Internet users on the smartphone, T-Mobile prepared the offer "T-Mobile - No Limit +" (60 PLN in the SIMO version or higher in the offer with a smartphone), including unlimited calls, SMS / MMS, Internet without data limit from 20 GB of data at full speed and then at 1 Mbs.

The rebate rules apply to offers with the device as well as sim only. They can also be freely combined.

For the whole house, not only for "newborns"

The family service package will include the popular T-Mobile Internet Domowy service. The price of the service itself will not change, but it will be treated as one element of the set and will affect the amount of the rebate for the remaining cards.

The principle of operation of the rebate mechanism is illustrated by the following example:


It is worth noting that the current offer of the T-Mobile - Internet Domowy service will be able to benefit from the family offer. The inclusion of subsequent contracts will not extend the duration of the contract to the Internet.

Also for current users of voice services, T-Mobile prepared the so-called "In-life migration" which is a possibility of transition to a new plan for families even during the current contract. This possibility will be available from mid-September, conditions will be individually available at the Subscriber Service Office consultants and at T-Mobile sales outlets.

"With family you go out well not only in the picture" ...

... the broad advertising activities promoting the new T-Mobile proposal will be conducted under such a slogan. The campaign will start on August 30 and will be conducted in national media. Detailed information about it will be provided in separate communication.





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