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From the point of view of mobile network operation, the situation near the border crossings with Ukraine is very demanding. The significantly higher than usual number of users and increased traffic is accompanied by many challenges to ensure availability and quality of services.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, we have been monitoring the condition of the network near border crossings and at reception points and we have been responding to any emerging difficulties. T‑Mobile engineers, in cooperation with NetWorkS! and subcontractors, are doing their best to ensure the highest possible network quality and that our services are available to refugees and those helping them.

In recent days, in partnership with Orange, we have launched new transmitters in Medyka and Horodlo, and plan to launch additional ones in the coming days in areas with the highest demand for our services. We have also launched additional LTE capacity layers on several existing stations to cope with the high demand for data services. We are also leading our efforts in providing WIFI networks at reception points.

We are constantly analyzing the situation and responding in other places in the country not directly related to border areas.

T-Mobile’s provisional infrastructure at the border


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