Spring without limits at T-Mobile – second unlimited subscription or home internet for up to one year at T-Mobile cost

Spring is in full swing outside - we can finally free ourselves from winter clothes, short days and grey weather and enjoy the charms of spring without limits. Also at T‑Mobile, where this year's spring will be celebrated by removing restrictions and enjoying unlimited experiences. From now until the end of May, all current and new T‑Mobile customers who already have, will purchase or change their subscription to the tariff “M Unlimited” or “L Unlimited”, will receive a second offer with unlimited internet for a year or fiber internet for 12 months at our expense. We also add attractive discounts on devices – all this so that our customers can work without limits and focus on what matters to them now.

The best technological solutions are those that allow us to forget about restrictions. That is why at T‑Mobile we create offers that allow our customers to work without limits, to do what is currently important to them and to reach for the best. Precisely for this reason, we were the first on the Polish market to introduce unlimited (both in terms of speed and number of gigabytes) internet in smartphones and unlimited home internet.

Now it is time for the next step. When choosing a subscription with unlimited Internet, you can get another subscription or fibre-optic Internet for 12 months for 0 PLN. And after this time, there will be another monthly discount of PLN 20 waiting for you, for the continuing service within the “Korzyści dla Domu” programme.

Choose your subscription and forget about the limits

The offer applies to customers who opt for one of the subscription offers in T‑Mobile with unlimited internet. What can we find in them? In the case of the "L Unlimited" option, these are unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, as well as completely unlimited 5G internet at the maximum available speed, with no limit on the data pack to use. In addition, the bonus that distinguishes the tariff plan in the market is the device discount of 300 PLN. On top of this, we add access to “Rozrywka Uwolniona” for 12 months as a gift. This is the only service on the market that gives users access to both TV, streaming video of their favourite series and movies, ebooks, and the best music. The list of available services includes HBO GO, Tidal Premium, Legimi, Polsat Box Go and Eleven Sports, which can be used alternately every 30 days.

The second variant of the offer, to which bonus services can be added, is "M Unlimited". Like our L package, it guarantees unlimited calls and messages. It also includes Internet without a data limit - at a fixed maximum speed of 30 Mb/s. There is also a PLN 200 discount for a smartphone and 6-month access to "Rozrywki Uwolnionej". The subscription in this variant costs PLN 65 per month, and as another service only PLN 45 per month.



The cost of your unlimited internet is on us now – enjoy!

With each of these subscriptions you can add another service - in fact any number of them. It can be a subscription with a device - then T‑Mobile takes on the charges for the service for 12 months or a variant without a device with 6 months free of charge for you. The promotion with a device really pays off - in addition to up to 780 PLN of additional savings with the tariff "M Unlimited", you get a discount for a smartphone or other equipment on 0% instalments of up to 400 PLN (if choosing two offers on the same day).

The second option to choose is a fibre internet service, where T‑Mobile also covers the total cost for 12 months. Under the promotion, you can choose any of the available fibre speeds: up to 300 Mbps, up to 600 Mbps or up to 900 Mbps. For the first 12 months, there will also be no charges for buildings with higher connection costs, such as detached houses.


The third option – for people who do not have access to a fibre-optic cable - is mobile home internet with no data limit, for which T‑Mobile will pay for 3 months. As part of the offer, customers can choose an offer with internet without a data limit at speeds of up to 30 Mb/s. 60 Mb/s or 90 Mb/s or unlimited speed with an external antenna.

In all these cases, after the end of the unpaid period, the user receives a discount for further use of the service in the amount of PLN 20 per month. This means that the price of the second "M Unlimited" subscription will be PLN 45 after a year, and of the L option - PLN 65. In the case of optical fibre, depending on the speed selected, the price will be PLN 40, PLN 50 or PLN 70, respectively. In the case of home internet connection, the amount will be PLN 40, 50 or 70, and in the case of home internet connection with an aerial - similarly PLN 60, 70, 90 or 110.


Grab your device at a better price

Additionally, as part of the promotion, we have prepared attractive discounts on smartphones, including Samsung Galaxy A52s and Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G. Using the tariff "M Unlimited", each of these models will receive PLN 200 cheaper, and with the tariff "L Unlimited" up to PLN 300 cheaper.

Unlimited use of the special offer

The spring offer can be used not only by new customers, but also by those who already use voice services in T‑Mobile - both current users of unlimited tariffs and customers with a different tariff who change it to the "M Unlimited" or "L Unlimited" tariffs. The special offer is in place until 31 May.

Everything that matters now

The offer is accompanied by a promotional advertising campaign, showing how the lack of technological limits allows us to focus on what is most important to us. The campaign was prepared by the Department of T‑Mobile’s Brand and Customer Experience Department with DDB Warsaw agency. Media planning and buying was handled by Mindshare media house. Online activities are handled by VMLY&R, and BTL materials were developed by ARC – Publicis Group agency.


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