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Milena Tkaczyk | 04.10.2019 |  Products and T‑Mobile join forces

T‑Mobile and have established a long-term cooperation. Thanks to the partnership, T‑Mobile customers, who decide on a subscription plan with an Android phone, will be able to use the application for money transfers already installed on their smartphones.

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Wojciech Strzałkowski02.03.2017 |  Financial reports

T‑Mobile reverses trends

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Wojciech Strzałkowski10.11.2016 |  Company, Financial reports

T‑Mobile Polska attracts more subscribers

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Wojciech Strzałkowski11.08.2016 |  Financial reports, Company

T‑Mobile is reversing trends in the subscriber base

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Wojciech Strzałkowski04.05.2016 |  Company, Financial reports

The first quarter of 2016 sees T‑Mobile Polska increase its revenue and expand LTE coverage

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Wojciech Strzałkowski25.02.2016 |  Company, Financial reports

Upon its integration with GTS, T‑Mobile Polska recorded an increase of its results in 2015

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Wojciech Strzałkowski05.11.2015 |  Company, Financial reports

T‑Mobile Polska improves basic financial parameters in Q3 2015

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