T-Mobile with Poland's first unlimited data and speed home internet

While access to the Internet at home is now a matter of fact for most Poles, its stability and the lack of its limits leave a lot to be desired. This is especially true for those who live outside the range of the optical fibre infrastructure. However, this is not a problem for T‑Mobile customers, even if they do not have an optical fibre connection to their home. Because now it is freedom that matters – that is why T‑Mobile is launching Poland's first truly unlimited home internet offer in 5G/LTE technology with a router supporting Wi-Fi 6.

Access to the network here and now allows us to carry out your plans, contact your loved ones, as well as study and work. Unless, of course, you run out of data and your internet connection becomes unbearably slow. These inconveniences can be safely forgotten by T‑Mobile customers, who are the first in Poland to be able to use truly unlimited internet speed at home. And thanks to this, they can easily focus on what is most important to them.


Fast and stable

After T‑Mobile introduced Poland's first truly unlimited smartphone internet in January this year , the time has come for unlimited home internet. The latest home internet offer is based on 5G and LTE technologies. The service is truly unlimited - both in terms of speed and amount of transferred data. Two elements are responsible for its fast and extremely stable operation.

The first one is the ODU Box 5G external antenna which can be easily mounted on a window sill, post, wall or railing. The device itself is equipped with a system of antennas designed to receive 4G/5G signal even when the signal is weaker. A special application, created for this purpose, will help to optimally place the antenna, making it easy to configure the equipment according to your preferences. An integral part of the set is a modern 5G Box IDU router, supporting Wi-Fi 6, which should be placed in the house. Both devices can then be connected using a long cable included in the set, so the devices can be located far from each other. Thanks to this design, 5G Home Office Internet is a solution that is able to guarantee extraordinary stability and high speeds in households.

The cost of the service will amount to PLN 130 per month. However, T‑Mobile subscribers will pay less using the 'Home Advantage' offer. In this case the charge will amount to PLN 110 per month. On top of that there is the price of the router, payable once, at the start, in the amount of PLN 9.

More information about the router can be found on this page, and the terms and conditions of the offer can be found at the bottom of the page.


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