Milena Tkaczyk07.07.2022

It couldn't be simpler! New Magenta Home offer with unlimited mobile plan, fibre-optic internet and TV is now available at T-Mobile!

Home is not just four walls. It is a place where we work, study and spend time with our loved ones. And now, for T-Mobile customers, it is also a space free of any limits! We are introducing a unique Magenta Home offer, thanks to which users will be able to easily enjoy both a fully unlimited mobile subscription and excellent fibre-optic internet, but also a new feature in our range: TV service! For maximum freedom, our customers will even be able to adjust the number of available channels to their current needs on a monthly basis. And it is still not the end – to celebrate the premiere of the new offer, services such as Rozrywka bez Ograniczeń or access to the Player for a year as a gift from T-Mobile will be waiting for our customers.

There’s no place like home – this is where we spend our free time, see family and friends, study, work and relax. Everyday life is also about the surroundings, tools and technologies that support us. A soft armchair, a coffee machine, TV with our favourite channels or stable internet. The increased interest in bundled services for the home is no surprise, which is also confirmed by our research. As many as 94% of users prefer to purchase Internet and TV packages from one provider! Here, however, several barriers emerge: the available market offers often do not provide satisfactory quality, entail the necessity to choose an expensive package or pay for services we simply do not need. Often there are also interesting promotions, but the offer is so complex that it is difficult to understand what we are actually buying and on what terms. The convergent Magenta Home offer is therefore an option that provides users with all that is technologically necessary at home, while removing the barriers that customers have had to face.

At T-Mobile, in line with our strategy, we are gradually changing to provide customers with an unlimited experience. This is possible thanks to solutions without unnecessary restrictions, as well as the bundling of individual services – so that T-Mobile users can get everything they need from one provider – in the highest quality available. For this reason, we have consistently strived to become a company with fully convergent offer. The launch of Magenta Home is a sign that we have successfully gone through this process and today we have a full range of bundled services, including TV – explains Andreas Maierhofer, CEO of T-Mobile Poland. With this new proposal including the TV package, we also want to emphasize that premium quality home services are not an option today, but an absolute right. Our new proposal therefore allows customers to enjoy the full potential of technology in each of our services.


Magenta Home – home without any limits and on your terms 
The latest offer has been designed to provide customers with what they need most in an enhanced version, free from barriers or limitations often encountered in the market. Research conducted by T-Mobile shows that for as many as 95% of Poles, good internet quality is of key importance, and furthermore 96% appreciate when offers are flexible and 'tailor-made' when buying services.

We created the Magenta Home offer based on three pillars – flexibility, simplicity and lack of limitations. Apart from that, it was clear to us that the solution must offer the highest possible quality regardless of the package. As a result, our new proposition allows customers to easily make changes - depending on what they need at the moment. In addition, it is transparent and, most importantly, offers an unlimited experience. Customers do not have to worry that their package – even mobile internet on their phone – will run out, and the quality of home internet will not keep up with their pace of life – said Goran Markovic, Board Member at T-Mobile Polska, Chief Commercial Officer B2C. This is another step in the development of our portfolio after we were the first operator in Poland to launch an offer with a completely unlimited 5G subscription, or an unlimited home internet offer based on 5G/LTE technology with Wi-Fi 6.

As part of the Magenta Home subscription offer, the user is provided with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in the country and in roaming in the EU, as well as unlimited data for mobile internet on the smartphone with a speed of up to 30 Mbps. The subscription also includes one year of free access to the Rozrywka bez Ograniczeń service, thanks to which the client can use the same or a different streaming platform every month – such as Legimi, Tidal or HBO Max.

The second element of the package is fibre-optic internet with a speed of up to 300 Mb/s. The third component is a TV service with 130 channels (including, among others, HBO, Disney family channels, Eleven Sports, and TVN24) in the L package at a promotional price for a year. Additionally, access to the Player platform for 12 months (ad-free version) as a gift and a wi-fi router are included. Customers will pay 95 PLN per month for the whole package. After the 12-month promotional period, clients can decide for themselves whether they want to keep the highest package of 130 TV channels or opt for a smaller one. There are three options altogether to choose from – S with 60 channels at the same price, M with 110 channels for a total of 120 PLN for the whole offer and L for 145 PLN a month. But that's not all – those choosing the latest T-Mobile offer can expect complete freedom in this matter! Every month, they can modify the type of TV package according to their needs. For example, one month you can decide on package L, after month – S, while keeping the other, unlimited elements of the offer unchanged. The decision is up to the user. Modifications can be made easily via the application, without leaving home – it couldn't be simpler!


We have also prepared an attractive solution for those who are not interested in a package with a mobile subscription. Fiber optic internet with up to 300 Mb/s and TV package is available on similar terms. Also in this case, customers may use 130 channels during the promotional period and the whole set will cost them 70 PLN (T-Mobile customers who already have a number with us can buy this package with a discount of PLN 20 as part of Korzyści dla Domu program). After six months, however, depending on the TV package they choose, the price will amount to 70 PLN in the S variant, 95 PLN in the M option and 120 PLN in the case of the L offer.


Additionally, with the offer of TV for just 1 PLN, the user receives a modern decoder, which - apart from using the TV package within the Magenta Home offer – also gives access to the vast world of Android TV apps and services. Thus, the customers may also use a variety of platforms, such as HBO Max, and thanks to the smart functions, their favourite series or films will be available at any convenient time. On top of that, the customers do not have to connect the decoder only to the Magenta Home service – they can use it to access the services they already own or buy occasionally. The device also allows recording and storing up to 100 hours of recordings for up to 180 days and provides access to programmes aired up to 7 days back.


Magenta Home offer will be available for in-store and remote sales beginning Monday, July 4, 2022.



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